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Our Associates


Our Associates

Louise Shepherd

Louise has been designing and delivering bespoke training and development coaching for over 20 years.  She set up the business and ran it single-handedly before bringing in associates to complement her skills and offer a greater range of services to her clients.  She has numerous professional accreditations that enable her to deliver added extras to programmes, such as psychometric testing and team 360 feedback.  Louise oversees the business and specialises in delivering innovative training with a difference!

“The greatest strengths that Louise brings, from the client’s point of view, is her ability to quickly understand your needs and tailor a programme to suit the,  as well as her ability to grasp the fundamentals of your organisation’s culture, adapting her style and delivery appropriately.”
Jon Harris

Louise Shepherd and Jon Harris often work together delivering company wide programmes of Management Development and Customer service training. We bring in actors to provide a live learning experience to the room. We are skilled at understanding the organisational issues and challenges for staff at all levels and are able to create forum theatre and individual scenarios that are true to life. In a safe but invigorating environment, trainees are encouraged to bring their own experiences and ideas into play, and to see this acted out in front of their eyes. They are able to practice the skills they require in their roles and receive helpful, accurate and constructive feedback.

Click here to see how Louise and Jon work together.


Jules Peck

Jules is a trainer, coach, facilitator and mediator across the private, public and third sector both nationally and internationally. She is a member of CIPD and is a Master NLP practitioner, as well as a Hogan and MBTI practitioner.  Jules has a passion for adding value to an organíisation through training and coaching. Her niche is in leadership and management courses.

“Jules has given me the energy and knowledge to believe in myself. She is one of the best trainers I have had. She takes time to get to know all her students individually. She is competent and high motivated. She has the ability to navigate around her students to tailor her teaching materials to help with issues. I would highly recommend her to others who want to learn more about how to becoming a leader.”


Roisín Holden

Roisín is a career coach, trainer and business role-player who has worked in public, private and third sectors. She specialises in Presentation Skills training and coaching, Exec and Senior Management Training and Coaching, Career Training and Coaching as well as being a Business Role-Player/Facilitator. Roisín trained and worked as an actor, before becoming a director of a headhunting business in the City, so she brings all the skills, tips and techniques from those worlds to her training, coaching and role-play sessions. Roisín has previously helped those who want to brush up on their presentation skills/interviewing techniques, develop a strong, persuasive presenting style for a business meeting/conference or are looking to build confidence around managing teams and developing management skills.


Sarah Mitchelson

Sarah is our much-valued virtual assistant. She provides a variety of administrative and operational support to Louise and her associates ensuring that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Sarah can be contacted at