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Customer Services


Customer Services

The training we offer is lively, exciting and different.  Attendees expecting simply to discuss theory and best practice are in for a big surprise.  Working in partnership with Jon Harris (, we bring in actors to provide a live learning experience to the room.   In a safe but invigorating environment, trainees are encouraged to bring their own experiences and ideas into play, and to see this acted out in front of their eyes.  We also bring together DVDs, questionnaires and other techniques to make our courses hands on and highly effective.

Courses include:

  • foundation skills
  • dealing with difficult customer service situations
  • managing for great customer service
  • customer focused writing
  • telephone techniques
  • handling customer complaints


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“It was so realistic that at one point I actually thought an angry customer had found their way into the training room!” 

“Our levels of customer satisfaction have consistently exceeded our targets.  A fantastic result.”